What have been the benefits and pitfalls of the digital world in Lockdown ?

3 months ago

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Things you might want to tell us about:

  • Have you used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google hangouts, WhatsApp, House party?  Have they worked for you? 
  • Have you had a video consultation with your GP, or any other health professional?  
  • Has your internet coped with live streaming, video conferencing emails?  
  • Is there anything that you have done digitally that you will continue to do digitally?

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  • Lorena_F 2 months ago
    I have not had a virtual health consultation yet but would like to.
    Both for work and personal reasons I have used all of the video conferencing facilities mentioned above and a couple others, so perfectly happy using them.
    My internet conection has not been the best at times, but this is more due to us being heavy users in my household.
    I like doing most aspects of life digitally, so I'm quite happy with how it has gone so far.
  • Admin Commented emma.mcewan 3 months ago
    We now use MS Teams to have daily team calls - at first people were reluctant to switch the video on, but now it is very much common practice and its a great way to connect with team members working remotely. As a remote team working in different offices across the region (South East) it has been invaluable and I'm not sure why we didn't have a tool like this before. Its also a great place to work collaboratively on documents to limit risks around version control!
  • Admin Commented Sara Price 3 months ago
    My experience of telephone/video consultations with health professionals/GPs at the moment is actually very good. It feels like you get very focused attention and also they seem to have more time for you at the moment. Also to have email follow up of key points of your discussion is good as I often would forget what the GP told me the minute I left the room. What are the experiences of others?
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    • Admin Commented Sara Test 3 months ago
      My GP didn't seem to know how to use the technology properly and that distracted from my appointment and the conversation.
      • Sue Pratt 3 months ago
        My Mum had an online consult with her GP recently. She's 82 and is quite good with a computer, but suggest a new way/new platform to do things on totally throws her. She got very anxious before the appointment about whether it would work (and whether she would muck it up). Grandson talked her through it before hand but, as it was a GP system, he could run through a demo with her.

        It made me think about all the other people who are equally nervous of new technology. Are we making sure people feel comfortable using this? Are we increasing people's anxiety by potentially putting up a new barrier? How due we offer solutions to this?
  • Admin Commented Vic C 3 months ago
    I have used Microsoft Teams for work purposes - and it has been great. No internet problems, and quality of conferences have been good.

    However, I have used tele medicine conferencing for my own medical appointments and the quality has been very poor.
  • Admin Commented Julia Stackhouse 3 months ago
    Digital enablers have supported us to work at home, but this can be a lonely way of working. Face time and video calls doesn't replace human contact and for those of us alone at home, not seeing colleagues (who are often friends too) is really hard. Occasional homeworking might be a solution, but I don't believe that technology can replace those personal face to face relationships at work.
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    • Admin Commented Sara Price 3 months ago
      A mix of digital and the 'old' way of working is probably the way forwards.