How will we use your information?

    NHS England, which set up the proof of concept eye care service pilot project, has commissioned NHS South, Central and West CSU (SCW)  to evaluate independently the views of pupils, parents, carers, care and welfare guardians and staff at special schools on the eye sight testing service piloted in England in the North East and Yorkshire, North West and London. To do this, SCW is inviting you to give your views by completing and submitting this survey.

    By choosing to take part in this survey you are consenting to the data and information that you provide being used for research purposes to inform the future of eye sight testing in special schools in England.

    NHS South, Central and West CSU (SCW) takes the storage and processing of personal data very seriously. All data collected as part of this survey is stored securely by SCW, in line with GDPR requirements and regulations. The information you provide will be used by the SCW project team to inform research into the proof of concept eye care service pilot, looking at what worked well and what could be improved. Only anonymous and aggregated findings will be shared with NHS England

    The findings from this research will inform the work of NHS England in decisions about the future of an eyesight testing service for special schools in England. 

    Further details of our privacy policy and arrangements can be found at

    Requesting the survey in a different format

    If you have a question about the survey or want to request the survey in a different format, please email us: