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Staff surveys for BOB ICS

Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire (BOB) ICS employs two SCW cummunications staff to provide their communications.

The SCW Comms team were tasked with creating a survey that staff in all three CCG’s across BOB could complete to discuss their wellbeing and any difficulties experienced during the pandemic. The team had set up a BOB Join the Conversation website and online portal, allowing them to create a survey once across the three CCGs, analyse the information incredibly quickly with custom made individual and collective reports downloaded via the website which also created graphs. We were also able to use its tagging function to very quickly pull out themes.

This data was then pulled into a slide deck and, working with Directors and AO’s across BOB CCG’s, the SCW Comms team agreed next steps and recommendations. These were then presented to the CCG staff briefing.

Added SCW value: Reduced duplication of effort by streamlining the survey. Join the Conversation software allowed the customer to have access to reports incredibly quickly which is of upmost important to the BOB CCG AO/ICS exec lead.

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