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Collating stakeholder engagement views on NHS commissioning in BOB ICS

During December 2019, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire (BOB) ICS wished to carry out an engagement activity to allow interested stakeholders to give their views on the future NHS commissioning arrangements across BOB, design principles for stronger ICP’s and the proposal for a single management structure and AO for the three BOB CCGs.

A survey was set up for those who wished to respond electronically, but the public and stakeholders could also respond via email or letter to their relevant commissioner. This created a logistical challenge because the data came in different formats, was disclosed at different times from the three BOB CCGs, and needed to be analysed quite quickly. We collated all the data, pulled out themes and used a rag rating to establish figures for those who supported the proposals and for those who were against. Added value from SCW: The report was comprehensive and provided real insight from a variety of stakeholders.

However, the method of collation was very difficult because the data did not all come in the same format or to the ICS comms team. Join the Conversation has made a real impact to how BOB ICS team now works.

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