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QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS - undertaken in the last year

NHSE/I Integrating NHS Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation (IPMO) programme

Case studies of 7 pilot areas across the UK. Interviewing and analysis of responses using a research qualitative analysis tool, called the Framework methodology:

  1. Familiarisation
  2. Identification of themes
  3. Indexing
  4. Charting (including piloting stage)
  5. Mapping and interpretation

Skills: Qualitative data analysis, using a manual Framework methodology. Ability to analyse and translate the data into a comprehensive report for the customer. Writing skills.


An LGI is a type of multi-stakeholder process designed to “get the whole system in the room” in order to develop shared understandings and agreements. The approach is one where stakeholders work together on issues of mutual concern and strategic importance. Over 183 individuals from 71 organisations participated. A manual framework methodology was applied to hand written notes from the 20 table discussions and a thematic analysis was undertaken to pull out the key themes from the event.

Skills: Transcribing flipcharts, a narrative analysis using tagging was applied to pull out key themes. Report writing.

OX12 Project

Using 'Talking Health' online engagement software, a public survey was undertaken, and received 1303 responses. Digital analysis of the responses using the online built in tagging function of the Inovem software.

Skills: Knowledge and process of Inovem software, thematic/tagging of data and report writing

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