Mental health struggles for NHS frontline staff

One of the most difficult things to do is to knock on the door to ask for help. When I’m feeling vulnerable and I need some support asking for help fills me with dread.Honestly.. at the minute I hate being working on the frontline, I hate the feeling of being unsafe/exposed at work. Even more so I’m petrified to have my husband or children cuddle me in fear I’m infecting them. I’ve cried after every shift. Ive even hid in the staff loo for a break.

But, 10 days ago we introduced the concept of a “wobble room” where staff could go for a few mins to share worries, say it out loud, have a little cry/shout/scream or just sit quietly This has been something of a breakthrough in terms of recognising that it is hard for us all and really helps deals with our mental health and wellbeing ups and downs throughout the day. This is something I think we should keep, even after the pandemic has gone.

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