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NHSX - Long Term Plan for Tech


2. NHSX wanted to launch a nationwide consultation for the NHS Long Term Plan For Tech.
The LTPFT needed to set out an ambitious future for tech-enabled health and care, and NHSX set out five transformative missions, designed to support these broader aims for health and care. NHSX also hopedg to shape other plans (eg the People Plan and the Health Infrastructure Plan) and cross-government strategies where health and care have a major role (eg data curation; artificial intelligence and life sciences).
NHSX wanted to consolidate existing strategies, plans and policies into a single strategic narrative and plan that was clear about:
•the scale of the transformation ambition and the case for change;
•the expectations for ‘what good looks like’ nationally and locally (for systems and in organisations) and how to support and incentivise progress; and
•the delivery plan to redesign technology and data architecture in health and care in line with the Technology Vision and the needs of the Long Term Plan.

3. NHSX needed to have an online platform to be able to host their online consultation and engagement for the LTPFT. Bang The Table/Join the conversation - had recently been procured by SCW communications team as an engagement tool, and provided the right functionality for NHSX to run their engagement.

SCW created an engagement platform using ‘join the conversation’ to involve as many people as possible to help NHSX understand how they can best support the health and care system to deliver the ambition set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the Department of Health’s Tech Vision, as well as the forthcoming NHS People Plan.

Through the platform, people were able to register to participate and share their views in the following ways: Comment on a vision for the LTPFT - a working document intended to be iteratively be developed throughout the consultation,

People were able to register or sign in to share a case study of how they have used tech to help transform services. It allowed the user to view the contributions others have made without signing into the platform .

SCW, working with NHSX are using the platform to promote new ways for people to get involved in the Tech Plan. By registering for the platform, people are able to be kept updated as the tech plan is developed.

Alongside the development of the platform, SCW developed the narrative and key messages for the Tech Plan. which included writing content for; print media – leaflets, letters, emails; presentation slides and briefings and Q&As.

4. Online Engagement, public consultation, writing for different audiences, communications planning and strategy, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder management, project management,

5. SCW were able to provide NHSX with access to an Engagement platform immediately, avoiding months of them having to go through a procurement process to host their own platform.

SCW have existing relationships with regional teams, allowing for in depth knowledge of how communications are cascaded and best way of reaching stakeholders.

SCW were able to be responsive to NHSX's requirements and be present in their London office during the week, as well as implement remote ways of working, ensuring timely roll out of innovative new platforms

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